Meet a Military Learner - Gregory Mabry

Oct 7, 2011 by System

Gregory Mabry

Area of Study: Behavioral Sciences

Military Service: Army, U.S. Army, P-LCSW CPT, MS Social Work Officer 2004-2011

To what degree does the GI Bill cover your school expenses? I am using the Post-911 GI Bill and it covers all of my tuition.

What prompted you to return to school? I just finished my Masters in Social Work and I would like to become a licensed psychologist. I am currently pursuing a Doctorate in Psychology.

Was adjusting to online learning a challenge after military life? No, it is essentially about time management. You go to work during the day and you handle school when you are done. Going to school online is not for everyone because you have to be disciplined enough to complete the assignments in a timely manner.

What has your experience been like at California Southern University? It has been a positive one. When I had gone to a traditional university, the professors were not very responsive to questions and emails, but at California Southern University, the mentors have always been very responsive.

Do you believe your military experience has made you a better student? Yes. I think my military experience has enabled me to provide real-world insight into certain subjects I am learning about and this experience has furthered my learning. Also, my military experience has provided me with the discipline necessary to succeed in an online learning environment.

What advice do you have for veterans returning to school? Make sure you have the support of your chain of command and your family. Let them know your intentions and that you are serious about your education so that you are afforded the time to complete assignments.

Additional Comments One might think you wouldn’t get personal attention from faculty at an online university but I actually received more than I did at a traditional university. The online format is also very easy to use.



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