12/4/15 - Counseling and Technology: A Meeting of the Minds

Nov 17, 2015 by Rob Reinhardt

Rob-ReinhardtTitle: “Counseling and Technology: A Meeting of the Minds”
Date: December 4, 2015
Presenter: Rob Reinhardt, LPCS, MEd, NCC

Description: Meet your clients where they are: online! Increasingly, people are seeking out, connecting to, and communicating with their behavioral health clinicians through technology. Technology can help mental health clinicians in private practice reach more clients, improve the quality of care provided and increase both efficiency and profitability. From social media marketing to websites, and electronic health records, Rob will share his technology expertise, explaining how therapists can reach, gain and maintain more clients while providing excellent care and complying with ethics codes, as well as HIPAA. Grow your practice and focus on the work you want to do by letting technology handle more of the “other stuff.”

Learning Objectives: Those attending this lecture will learn:

  • How clients are using technology to choose a mental health care professional
  • How mental health practices can leverage technology to be found by clients seeking services
  • How technology can help mental health clinicians improve their practices and the client experience
  • How technology can provide a solid return on investment
  • About the ethics and HIPAA implications triggered by the use of technology

Bio: Rob Reinhardt, LPCS, MEd, NCC, has a successful counseling practice and years of experience managing and working in a variety of successful businesses. Prior to becoming a professional counselor, Rob worked in information technology for more than 10 years, including positions at the directorial level. He brings a comprehensive mix of technology, clinical and business experience to the table. This means he can address all facets of a private practice or agency, including the areas many practitioners need help with, like marketing, technology and finance.

Rob is the editor of a column for Counseling Today, the professional magazine published by the American Counseling Association. He also is the co-author of the book Private Practice Preparedness, and the creator of Describe, a versatile therapy and communication tool that helps clients, families and groups of all ages. You can visit Rob's website at: www.robreinhardtlpc.com




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