9/5/13 - Developing Your Own Integrative Approach to Counseling

Aug 20, 2013 by Gerald Corey, EdD and Jamie Bludworth, PhD

Title: “Developing Your Own Integrative Approach to Counseling”
Date: Thursday, September 5, 2013
Presenters: Gerald Corey, EdD; Jamie Bludworth, PhD

NOTE: This recorded version of this presentation is only available to CalSouthern Learners by logging into the Learning Center.

Description: This dynamic presentation outlines an integrative counseling style that will bring contemporary theories to life, addressing the thinking, feeling, and behaving aspects of human functioning. This integrative perspective draws from the following theoretical orientations: psychoanalytic, Adlerian, existential, person-centered, Gestalt, behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, rational emotive behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, reality therapy, solution-focused brief therapy, narrative therapy, and feminist therapy. Drs. Corey and Bludworth will describe both the advantages and challenges of such an integrative approach, and will guide attendees toward beginning to develop their own integrative approach to their counseling practice.

The presenters have prepared comprehensive notes on the material that is available prior to the lecture; it’s an excellent resource. You can access the notes through the link below or on the registration page. In addition, a link to the material will be sent to registrants prior to the lecture.


Learning Objectives: Those who attend the lecture will be able to:

  • Describe a variety of counseling techniques and approaches utilized in an integrative approach;
  • Understand the roles of cognition, emotion, and behavior in counseling;
  • Identify key concepts and selected techniques associated with the various counseling theories;
  • Explain how the therapeutic relationship is central to outcomes, regardless of one’s theoretical orientation; and
  • Begin conceptualizing their own most effective counseling orientation and personal style of counseling practice.

Bios: Dr. Gerald CoreyDr. Gerald Corey is Professor Emeritus of Human Services at California State University at Fullerton. He received his doctorate in counseling from the University of Southern California and is a licensed psychologist, as well as a nationally certified counselor. Dr. Corey is a Diplomate in Counseling Psychology (American Board of Professional Psychology), a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, and a Fellow of the American Counseling Association. He has conducted workshops in the United States, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Scotland, Mexico, Canada, China, and Korea—all with a special focus on training in group counseling. He is a sought-after speaker and author or co-author of numerous textbooks, book chapters, journal articles, and DVD programs.


Dr. Jamie BludworthDr. Jamie Bludworth received his doctorate in counseling psychology from Arizona State University, where he is the Associate Director of the Counseling Center. In addition, he works as a licensed psychologist in part-time private practice. His primary professional interests are crisis intervention, eating disorders, group therapy, mood and anxiety concerns, interpersonal concerns, and psychological assessment. He also has taught group counseling and practicum courses at the graduate level.




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