1/20/12 - Effective Writing for Scholarly Work

Jan 10, 2012 by Kathleen Andrews, PhD

Kathleen Andrews, PhD Title: “Effective Writing for Scholarly Work”
Presenter: Kathleen Andrews, PhD
Date: January 20, 2012


Description: A nationally recognized expert in scholarly writing, Dr. Andrews outlines strategies and tips for improving your academic writing, from research techniques to evaluating sources, honing your argument, implementing critical writing conventions, and improving your editorial style. After the lecture, Dr. Andrews offers a fun, interactive review session to help reinforce what you’ve learned, as well as allow you to identify your particular strengths and weaknesses.

Bio: CalSouthern Faculty Mentor Dr. Kathleen Andrews is a nationally acclaimed expert in graduate-level writing and APA style. The editor of three academic journals, Andrews also has founded and directs an APA Learning Center and is a sought-after lecturer on the topic.

A talented and experienced practitioner as well as a gifted educator, Dr. Andrews has developed life programs for pregnant addicts and has worked with business executives and their employees, helping them develop a variety of life skills, including communications and parenting techniques. Some of Dr. Andrews’ other areas of interest include addiction recovery, organizational process improvement, and spirituality in the workplace and in therapy.




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