1/15/16 – Out of the Blue: Six Non-medication Strategies for Relieving Depression

Jan 7, 2016 by Bill O’Hanlon

Bill O'Hanlon Title: “Out of the Blue: Six Non-medication Strategies for Relieving Depression”
Date: January 15, 2016
Presenter: Bill O’Hanlon

Description: People with depression, one of the most common problems we see, are sometimes “stuck” and can be quite challenging to treat. Medications don’t help all depressed people and, even when it helps, they often come with uncomfortable side effects and only work partially. Sometimes working with depressed people gets therapists themselves depressed and discouraged.

In this presentation, you will learn six hopeful and innovative approaches for helping people with depression to get some traction to begin to come out of it. Because depression has multiple causes and contributing factors, there are many ways to shift it. These approaches draw on respectful, strength-based models as well as the latest brain plasticity research. This research casts doubt on traditional explanations of depression and shows a whole array of new angles for treating it.

You will leave with more tools that you can use immediately to help chronic and acute clients suffering from depression. The presentation will be filled with compassion, learning, fun and possibilities. Bill O’Hanlon, who has suffered and recovered from depression, is a lively presenter with a fresh take on this topic.

Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of this lecture, attendees will be able to

  • List new understandings of depression and its treatment
  • Implement six innovative strategies for relieving depression
  • Challenge prevailing models of treatment for depression

Bio: Bill O’Hanlon, has authored or co-authored 36 books, including Solution-Oriented Hypnosis, A Guide to Trance-Land, Taproots and An Uncommon Casebook, all touching on hypnosis. He has published 60 articles or book chapters. His books have been translated into 16 languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, German, Chinese, Bulgarian, Turkish, Korean, Indonesian, Italian, Croatian, Arabic, Polish and Japanese.

He has appeared on Oprah (with his book Do One Thing Different) and a variety of other television and radio programs. Since 1977, Bill has given over 3,500 presentations around the world. He has been a top-rated presenter at many international conferences and was awarded the “Outstanding Mental Health Educator of the Year” in 2001 by the New England Educational Institute. Bill is a licensed mental health professional, a certified professional counselor and a licensed marriage and family therapist.




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