10/09/15 – Divided We Fail: Successfully Managing Organizational Conflict

Aug 26, 2015 by Ray W. Frohnhoefer

Title: “Divided We Fail: Successfully Managing Organizational Conflict”
Date: October 9, 2015
Presenter: Ray W. Frohnhoefer

Description: In spite of our best efforts to have “nice” conflict or conflicts that are effectively resolved on a one-on-one basis, some conflicts can draw in multiple team members or entire organizations. Or perhaps the participants resist efforts at resolution and escalate the conflict, increasing the stakes. This means that project managers and other business leaders need to have something in their toolkit to manage intra- and inter-organizational conflicts involving more than just two or three participants or those who are unwilling to engage in quiet conversation.

In this session, we look at where these conflicts might arise, outline a framework to successfully manage organizational conflict, and discuss the top-10 skills needed to successfully manage conflicts at all levels of the organization and with higher impacts.

Learning Objectives:

  • The sources of project and organizational conflict.
  • A framework to successfully manage and navigate organizational conflict
  • The top-10 skills needed for conflict resolution at all organizational levels.

Bio: Ray W. Frohnhoefer, MBA, PMP, CCP is an international consultant, author, educator and speaker on topics related to business and technology. As a Project Management Institute (PMI) volunteer leader, he has been frequently called upon to assist with issues related to intra- and inter-organizational conflicts and was a contributor to the PMI Conflict Resolution Program. You can learn more about Ray at http://linkedin.com/in/RayF123.




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