Being Smart and Being Green

Apr 1, 2010 by University Communications

For many Americans, going green has become an important part of daily life. From remembering to recycle to adjusting the way we do our laundry, we are making wiser choices that will help cut down on waste and decrease our personal impact on the environment. One of the central focuses of the green movement is the decision to cut down on driving. Motor vehicles are responsible for producing a great deal of CO2 emissions. So other than buying a more fuel-efficient car, what more can CalSouthern students do to incorporate going green into their educational endeavors? The good news is that simply by being a student at CalSouthern, you are already going green.

Here are just a few ways that your online education is furthering your goal to go green:

  • There’s no need to drive to school every day to attend class.
  • You are cutting down on the use of paper by submitting all assignments online.
  • More e-books are becoming available by publishers to help cut down on printed materials and packaging for shipping.
  • Online students use disposable pens less often. (According to Planet Green, six million pens are disposed of daily.)
  • There’s no need to eat your lunch at a school cafeteria. (Your kitchen bistro is stocked with healthy fare.)

While many Americans have begun to integrate green strategies into their daily routines, CalSouthern students can proudly say that their pursuit of an online education means they are already being smart and being green.



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