CalSouthern Co-Sponsors 2013 Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference

Oct 17, 2013 by University Communication

Evolution of PsychotherapyCalSouthern and its School of Behavioral Sciences are pleased to announce that the university will serve as the co-sponsor of the 2013 Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference, the world’s largest conference devoted to the practice of psychotherapy. The event—which takes place only every four years—will be held in Anaheim, California December 11-15. Conference organizers are generously offering CalSouthern faculty and learners a 30-percent registration discount. Just go to and enter the special code SCAL30.

Evolution is the brainchild of Dr. Jeffrey Zeig—renowned scholar, author and practitioner—who created the conference series as an opportunity for the leaders in the field of psychotherapy to present and interact, discussing the evolution of their approaches as well as the evolution of psychotherapy in general.

Evolution debuted in 1985 and has served as a gathering place for many of the greatest minds in psychology, including true luminaries like Carl Rogers, Virginia Satir, Viktor Frankl, Salvador Minuchin, Carl Whitaker, among many others.

The faculty at the 2013 event—the seventh Evolution conference—is again stellar. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet, learn from and interact with world-renowned psychotherapists including Aaron Beck, Irvin Yalom, Daniel Siegel, Martin Seligman and Francine Shapiro, among dozens of other internationally acclaimed practitioners. They will share their insights via:

  • 43 workshops;
  • 16 clinical demonstrations;
  • 20 conversation hours;
  • 16 topical panels;
  • 12 dialogues;
  • 20 invited addresses;
  • 5 keynote addresses;
  • 10 point/counter-point sessions;
  • 2 all-day pre-conference workshops; and
  • 1 all-day post-conference master class.

“I would to emphasize most of all that the Evolution faculty will be there for you—to answer your questions, explain their methodology and expand your awareness,” says Dr. Zeig, a long-time friend of the university who was recently awarded the honorary title of CalSouthern Distinguished Professor. “At the conference, you will learn new approaches, kick your clinical skills up a notch, and even explore new specialties. Plus, beyond that which you will learn from the scheduled events, you’ll gain a wealth of knowledge by sharing your ideas with new friends and colleagues from around the world. No other conference provides you with this unique opportunity and I strongly and enthusiastically urge you to attend.”

Please watch the accompanying video for a personal invitation from Dr. Zeig.

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