CalSouthern Urges You to “Just Say No”!

Nov 23, 2011 by University Communications

Now more than ever, our nation needs an educated population to pull us out of this recession and move the country forward to prosperity. Yet students graduate from traditional on-ground schools often owing $25,000 to $50,000, or even $100,000 and more in federal loans they’ve taken out to cover the exorbitant cost of their education. And these loans carry hefty interest rates that quickly add to the original burden.

How are they ever going to repay these loans and be able to enjoy the good life they’ve worked so hard to attain? They can’t, with payments of $500 per month—or more—hanging over their heads. In fact, more than 47 percent fail to pay their debt to Uncle Sam, and find out too late that they can’t escape the obligation through bankruptcy or avoid the most onerous collection agent: the IRS, who can, ultimately, take money directly from your paycheck.

We are at risk of becoming a second-rate country because many students can’t afford to attend college. Others who are able to attend only by taking out student loans to pay the tuition, find themselves saddled with crushing debt that can last 15 years—or far longer.

Don’t be tempted by the lure of “easy” loan money, failing to consider the bill that will come due when you leave school, springing a financial trap that can plague you for decades.

California Southern University says, “Enough”! We’ve changed the way Americans go to college and pay for their education so that they can graduate debt free.

CalSouthern offers accredited, 100-percent online degree programs from the associate level through professional doctorates in business, psychology, as well as a JD through our law school. Our tuition is low because we don’t have to spend money on expensive infrastructure such as campus grounds, classrooms, labs and other facilities, sports teams, parking lots, campus police, and countless other costly overhead expenses. Our courses are offered year-round, so you can start when you’re ready. A faculty mentor—a gifted educator and a leading practitioner in his or her field—will work with you individually, on a one-one-one basis as you progress through each course at your own pace.

And you can enjoy interest-free, monthly payments that cover tuition so that, when it’s time to graduate, you have little or no debt. And as long as you remain enrolled, your tuition will never increase. (Just try getting a traditional university to commit to that!)

So just say no. Say no to exorbitant tuition. Say no to loan fees, interest, and decades of onerous debt. Say no to a traditional education model that is no longer sustainable. For more than 33 years, CalSouthern has offered its unique, interest-free payment options that can allow learners to earn a quality college education and accredited degree, debt-free. We urge you to explore our website, do your research, and give us a call. Today more than ever, you owe it to yourself to explore what we firmly believe is the educational model for the 21st century.

TOTAL FEDERAL FINANCIAL AID ($MM) (Source: College Board, Trends in Student Aid 2010, Table 1)



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