Dr. Jeffrey Zeig Named “Distinguished Professor” by California Southern University

Aug 28, 2013 by University Communications

Distinguished Faculty Award 2013California Southern University has awarded Dr. Jeffrey Zeig the title of “Distinguished Professor” in honor of his decades of exceptional and influential work in the field, as well as for the inspiration and insight he has provided CalSouthern students as a regular guest lecturer and friend to the university. The ceremony preceded Dr. Zeig’s presentation titled “Exploring the Genius of Dr. Milton H. Erickson, Part II: The Utilization Approach,” given on July 19, 2013.

“In much of the world, the title of ‘professor’ is reserved for only the most senior academics at a university, or as an awarded chair bestowed upon an honored individual at the institution,” explains Dr. Barbara Grimes, Dean of the CalSouthern School of Behavioral Sciences. “‘Distinguished’ is a term that is used to describe something or someone made conspicuous by excellence—someone who has an air of distinction, dignity or eminence. When you stop to consider the strict meaning of the words, it’s clear that Dr. Zeig more than deserves this honorary title. He is brilliant and dedicated—a gifted educator and pioneer in the field, inspiring not only our learners but the professional world of psychology at large.”

More than 150 CalSouthern students from around the world attended the ceremony and lecture—both in person at the university’s Irvine, California campus and online via streaming webinar. It was Dr. Zeig’s fifth lecture as part of the university’s Master Lecture Series, and his presentations are consistently among the best attended in the series. His lectures can be viewed in CalSouthern’s Master Lecture Series archives.

“I am both honored and humbled to be designated Distinguished Professor at California Southern University, a school I avidly support for its innovative approach to post-secondary education,” says Dr. Zeig, who also gave the keynote address at the university’s 2012 commencement ceremony. “I very much enjoy interacting with the university’s bright, intellectually curious and dedicated students, and look forward to returning to CalSouthern for future lectures.”

Please watch the video below for highlights of the award ceremony, as well as for a special message from Dr. Zeig.



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