Legal Affairs: Reflections on Martin Luther King Day

Jan 27, 2014 by Tommy Tunson

By Tommy Tunson, Chairman, CalSouthern Department of Criminal Justice

Martin Luther King, Jr.What would Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. say today about America’s progress and the dream of equality?

I believe that if Dr. King were here, he would probably say, “Hey America, we have more work to do. Let’s not lose sight of the goal of true equality, where advancement is based on merit, not political appointments, favors or fraternization.” He would want to know how we are doing with education—have graduation rates at both the undergraduate and graduate levels increased? He would want to know because he understood that a more educated society is also a less bigoted society, perhaps one capable of realizing the ultimate goal of “free at last.”

Dr. King would applaud those with an education and, I suspect, especially those with a law or criminal justice degree which arguably best empowers graduates to make a significant difference in society.  As a career law enforcement officer with a law degree, I believe that those with a Juris Doctor, Master of Science in Law or criminal justice degree continue to blaze the trail to equality because they are gatekeepers of the law.

Additionally, I believe he would be delighted with the election of President Barrack Obama, the first African-American president, and would urge us to continue to keep the dream alive by giving all qualified male and female candidates, regardless of their background or ethnicity, the opportunity to govern.

Finally, he would likely conclude that America is moving in the right direction, on a path that remains paved with good intentions. After all, America is the melting pot of cultural heritages and a symbol of true patriotic freedom to the world.




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