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Mar 28, 2013 by Jennifer Hill, MSI

One of the most valuable features of CalSouthern’s online library is the vast array of academic databases to which CalSouthern learners have free access. In fact, the library’s collection of databases rivals those found at many brick-and-mortar university libraries.

In a very real sense, the journal articles found within these databases comprise the current body of scholarly research done in the fields of psychology, business and law. Psychology students can choose from more than 10 databases of scholarly publications, including PsycARTICLES, PsycEXTRA, the American Psychiatric Publishing database, the ProQuest Psychology Journals Database and collections of international articles, among others.

Business learners have an equally robust collection of databases at their fingertips, allowing them to search by specific trades and industries, or to access hard-to-find local and regional business publications, in addition to international articles and specialty databases.

Learners in the law school have access to a dedicated law library which contains useful databases such as ProQuest Criminal Justice, as well as the two databases essential to any law student: Westlaw (use restricted to JD and MSL learners) and LexisNexis (use restricted to learners in the JD program).

As your librarian, I can help you locate relevant articles to support your research assignments. And one of my most rewarding functions is to help doctoral students identify articles for the literature review component of their doctoral projects. Just contact me by email or phone to discuss your research assistance needs. After we search the appropriate databases, the articles will be downloaded or emailed to your account at no charge.

Following are a few of the most popular databases, by school:



Counseling and Therapy in Video 

Counseling and Therapy in VideoThis is the largest and richest online collection of video available for the study of psychotherapy, psychology, social work and psychiatric counseling.  It includes 353 videos, totaling approximately 404 hours of footage.


ProQuest Psychology Journals  

This database contains 540-plus full-text journal publications covering a wide range of topics from leading psychology and psychosomatic publications. In addition to clinical and social psychology, it also provides coverage of related disciplines including developmental psychology, communication, personality, addiction, neurology and psychobiology.



This is an American Psychological Association (APA) database. It contains 77 scholarly psychology journals, 70 journals published by the APA and seven journals published by allied organizations.


Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection  

This collection of more than 560 journal publications covers topics in emotional and behavioral characteristics, psychiatry, psychology, mental processes and observational experimental methods.



This is a full-text collection of 3,579 scholarly books, including more than 1,600 books published by the American Psychological Association. New ebook titles are added to PsycBOOKS each month and are featured in the Library Blog.

Also of interest to learners enrolled in the PsyD program is the library’s collection of CalSouthern doctoral projects.



ProQuest ABI/INFORM Complete 

This database contains more than 5,000 full-text trade and scholarly publications. It includes the latest business and financial information, local and regional business publications about local companies, analysis, information on local markets and more. It also includes in-depth coverage of companies, products, executives, trends and other topics.


Books24x7 BusinessPro

This database provides access to over 8,000 business ebooks from publishers such as Harvard Business School Press, John Wiley & Sons, McGraw-Hill and Oxford University



ProQuest Criminal Justice 

This comprehensive database focuses on U.S. and international criminal justice journals; it supports research on crime, its causes and impacts, legal and social implications, as well as litigation and crime trends. It provides access to more than 450 publications.



(Restricted to the JD and MSL degree programs.)



(Restricted to the JD degree program.)



To coincide with the celebration of Earth Day, each year I like to highlight how CalSouthern learners continue to do their part to help the environment and minimize paper waste by downloading full-text articles from the library’s databases. This year—from February 2012 to February 2103—CalSouthern learners accessed nearly 85,000 full-text articles. This figure has more than doubled in the past two years alone!



Last month, I conducted a contest designed to help familiarize learners with the library’s “Ask the Librarian” tool. Each learner who submitted a question was entered into a pool with a winner chosen at random at month’s end. I am happy to announce that PsyD learner Carol Claus is the lucky winner. Carol will receive a copy of the APA Publication Manual—every doctoral student’s dream!



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