OCMetro Magazine Honors CalSouthern as One of OC’s 10 Best Companies to Work For

Jul 12, 2010 by Kelly St. John

O.C.'s Best Companies to Work For - By Kelly St. John

Why we like them: California Southern University just relocated to a new building that’s four times the size of its old one, with new amenities that make work a pleasure: warm décor, natural light, state-of-the-art coffee machines and a new library.

When California Southern University, an online university founded in 1978, began to outgrow its Irvine digs, its leadership listened to its employees about what they wanted in a new home.

So what’s their new home like? For starters, it’s four times bigger, with the kind of comforts that make the workplace a home away from home.

The company ditched cramped cubicles for work spaces with open areas, windows and a lot of natural light.

Employees chose their own desks – ergonomic or not – and planners made sure that the building has many thermostats, so that employees aren’t at the mercy of others who like it too cold or hot.

Music plays in the hallways, which are decorated with photographs of the university’s graduates.

Beyond paid personal days; medical, dental and vision coverage; and 401(k) plans, CalSouthern also offers its employees education benefits such as reduced tuition for classes.

And, says President Caroll Ryan, employees also enjoy the higher calling of helping students achieve their goals.

“It isn’t just about accomplishing a job,” Ryan says. “It’s about us wanting to make a difference in people’s lives.”

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