Online Law School Reports a 67% Pass Rate for First Time Takers of the FYLSX

Sep 2, 2010 by University Communications

Irvine, California, September 2, 2010 – Online law school releases FYLSX pass rate statistics - The California Southern University School of Law, which offers both a Juris Doctor degree and a Master of Science in Law degree, announced today its results from the latest administration of the First-Year Law Students’ Examination (FYLSX) which took place on June 22, 2010.

CalSouthern’s pass rate on the June 2010 FYLSX for first-time takers was 67%, which greatly exceeds the state’s average pass rate of 28.9% for all first-time takers of the FYLSX over the last 10 years.  CalSouthern’s overall pass rate on the June 2010 FYLSX was 41%, which is higher than the 23.3% average pass rate for all takers of the FYLSX over the last 10 years. Average pass rates were calculated from data available on the State Bar of California’s website.

Passage of the FYLSX, commonly referred to as the baby bar exam, is a requirement for all non-exempt law students seeking admission to the State Bar of California.

Ellen Sampong, J.D.The CalSouthern University School of Law attributes its law students’ success, in part, to its baby bar preparation workshop, which was held over the course of several weeks, three months prior to the June 2010 FYLSX. At the conclusion of the workshop, students participated in a mock baby bar exam to test their knowledge and readiness for the actual exam. “It is certainly possible to pass the baby bar examination if you take your studies seriously and start preparing very early. It is obvious that this group of law students took that advice to heart,” commented Ellen Sampong, J.D., Dean of the School of Law.

The FYLSX is administered twice per year in California. The next administration of the exam will be held on Tuesday, October 26, 2010.

The CalSouthern University School of Law is located in Irvine, California, and offers online law degrees through a proprietary online learning platform. Courses are taught by Faculty Mentors who provide one-on-one instruction and mentoring using phone, email, discussion boards and video conferencing. California Southern University also offers online degree programs in Psychology and Business.

More information on the online law degrees offered through the School of Law is available online at:

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