Put this Military-Friendly University to the Test

Sep 13, 2011 by University Communications

US MarinesToday, CalSouthern was awarded the distinction “Military-Friendly School” for 2012 by G.I. Jobs magazine. The award is given to colleges, universities, and trade schools that prioritize the recruitment of students with military experience, offer military credit and discounts, employ full-time staff devoted to supporting service members, in addition to offering other services to active-duty military and veterans.

CalSouthern is proud of this distinction, especially considering that we launched our military program just this year. Earning the “Military-Friendly” title is no slam dunk, either. The 2012 list was compiled through extensive research and a data-driven survey of more than 8,000 schools nationwide. Methodology, criteria, and weighting for the list were developed with the assistance of an academic advisory board consisting of educators from schools across the country.

But in the end, it doesn’t really matter what we think, or what G.I. Jobs thinks. What’s important is what you—the service member or veteran—think. So put us to the test. Make us walk the walk. If you have a question about any of our degree programs, give us a call. We’ll make sure you get all the information you need, even if that means putting you in touch directly with one of the Deans—they are happy to speak with you. (Try that at another institution.)

We have enrollment advisors and education coordinators (former military) who can answer your questions about how to best utilize your tuition assistance and other benefits to meet your education and career goals—whether CalSouthern is the right fit for you or not. Is there a degree program that you are interested in that we don’t currently offer? We want to hear about it.

US National GuardMaybe most important, when you enroll at CalSouthern, you can count on us—from your academic advisor, to your faculty, your Dean, and the rest of the staff—to provide you with and all the personalized support you need to successfully complete your degree program. You’re not a number here—we measure the performance of our military program by your success.

Finally, be sure to stop by this blog regularly. We’ll be working with our military staff to post fresh content that’ll interest you, and that will help you make informed decisions about your education.



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