The CalSouthern Master Lecture Series: Reaching a Global Community

Apr 14, 2015 by Vance Chung

If you've attended one of CalSouthern’s Master Lecture Series events, you've probably heard Dr. Barbara Grimes or Dr. Gregory Herbert—deans of the schools of psychology and business, respectively—note that the lectures are streamed live by learners and potential learners around the world. Not only do they view the lectures live, our international attendees are active participants, engaging in the dialogue via live chat and submitting questions for the presenters. (Guest lecturers are often slightly taken aback when informed that there’s a live question from an attendee in Botswana or Russia.)

So while you might be aware that there’s an international component to the Master Lecture Series, the size and reach of that worldwide audience might surprise you. To help you appreciate the scope of our global community, the following map shows the 50-plus countries from which learners and potential learners participated in live Master Lecture Series events in 2014:

mls-2014-international map







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