University of California Contemplating Yet Another Tuition Increase

May 9, 2012 by University Communications

No, this is not a re-print of an earlier report. The University of California (UC) system is again considering a significant tuition increase if the state does not increase higher education funding.

According to a document posted online ahead of next week’s UC Board of Regents meeting, the 10-campus system is contemplating a six-percent tuition hike in the fall unless they receive additional funds from the state, which is highly unlikely given the fact that California is again facing a massive budget deficit, not to mention the fact that the state has consistently relied on cuts to higher education spending as a way to close budgetary gaps and the fact that state revenues have fallen approximately $3 billion below expectations.

If the increase is approved, it will mean that UC students will now pay double the tuition rate of just five years ago.

The bad news doesn’t stop there. If Governor Brown’s proposed tax initiative is not passed this November, UC will consider yet another cut—this time in the double-digit range!—and/or drastic reductions to campus programs and staff, according to the document. Brown has indicated that if the initiative fails, both the UC and California State University systems stand to lose an additional $200 million—each—in funding.

We’ll keep you posted as details unfold.


California Southern University was founded in 1978 with the vision of providing affordable education of exceptional quality to non-traditional students who are often working adults. CalSouthern tuition is $250/credit for undergraduate-level courses, $350/credit for master's-level courses and $395 for doctorate-level courses. These tuition rates are “locked in;” a student will never face a tuition increase as long as he or she remains enrolled.

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