9/14/12 - A Paradigm Shift in the Psychology Learning Experience

Aug 27, 2012 by Dr. Graham Taylor and Dr. Julie Hayden

Title: A Paradigm Shift in the Psychology Learning Experience
Date/Time: September 14, 2012, 10:00 am-12:00 pm PDT
Presenter: Dr. Graham Taylor, Dr. Julie Hayden

Description: Drs. Taylor and Hayden provide a detailed overview of the Taylor Study Method’s innovative psychology programs which represent a paradigm shift in the graduate-level, psychology learning experience. Viewers will discover how they can enrich and enhance their learning process while deepening their understanding of the core content that composes the field of psychology, as well as increasing their proficiency and mastery of psychology concepts. The presenters outline the learning method—which have been proven successful for more than 16 years—that are designed to provide graduate students with a path from the classroom to a career as a licensed psychologist.

Bios: Dr. Graham TaylorThe founder of The Taylor Study Method (TSM), Dr. Graham Taylor earned his master’s degree from the University of Hawaii and his doctorate from the American School of Professional Psychology in Honolulu. TSM is an online learning company, specializing in preparing students for their careers as licensed psychologists. The former staff psychologist at Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu, Dr. Taylor provided individual, couples and family psychotherapy within a multidisciplinary outpatient setting. Dr. Taylor resides in Hawaii where he maintains a private practice in addition to his work with TSM.

Dr. Julie HaydenDr. Julie Hayden is the dean of the Graduate School of Behavioral Sciences at Southern California Seminary. She has a master’s in counseling psychology, a master’s in religious studies, as well as a PsyD. She also is a licensed psychologist in California. Dr. Hayden has clinical experience in a variety of populations, including dual-diagnosed, severe chronic mental illness, adolescents, families and domestic violence perpetrators. Dr. Hayden also has developed online, on-site, undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate degree programs in counseling and psychology. In her current role as dean, she has implemented effective learning strategies and environments for diverse student populations. Dr. Hayden also is a content consultant and the project manager for the Taylor Study Method.




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