2/14/14 - The Drummer’s Manifesto: Empowering Your Musical Brain for Optimal Health

Jan 27, 2014 by Pamela Lynn-Seraphine

Pamela Lynn Seraphine Title: “The Drummer’s Manifesto: Empowering Your Musical Brain for Optimal Health”
Date: February 14, 2014
Presenter: Pamela Lynn-Seraphine

Description: Stress from psychological issues can cause a lifetime of loss in terms of happiness, health, finances, and peace of mind. How can we learn to cope with the daily stresses of life? This lecture is an outstretched hand for anyone in need of an uplifting way to deal with the overwhelming stressors of life. Infused with thought-provoking research and theory, the presentation is designed to stimulate interest in cultivating musical passion and personal rhythm to relieve stress and promote self-expression.

CalSouthern alumnus Pamela Lynn-Seraphine offers a novel perspective on a complex problem. Through self-actualization and an inspirational look into the healing powers of music and the brain—Pamela explores a topic not yet addressed by the self-help literature. Based on cutting-edge research and insights from neuroscience, the presentation explains the concept of using rhythmic entrainment as a contemplative practice for stress management, maximum brainpower and optimal health.

Learning Objectives: Those who view this lecture will be able to:

  • Understand how rhythmic entrainment can help cultivate your brain’s natural ability to heal
  • Develop unique strategies to sharpen your memory and improve mental performance
  • Learn the power of your musical brain to build confidence through self-expression
  • Synchronize your brain chemistry with other participants in personal and professional settings

Bio: For almost 20 years, Canadian drummer and world percussionist Pamela Lynn-Seraphine was engulfed in the music industry, pursuing her childhood dream of becoming a world-class drummer. In 2008, a chronic, debilitating shoulder injury derailed her dreams and hurled her into the unfamiliar world of academic psychology.

In 2008, Lynn-Seraphine turned her productive obsession with drumming into a highly specialized field of study. She earned a diploma in professional counseling (honors) and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from California Southern University, graduating magna cum laude. Lynn-Seraphine also spent five years researching and uncovering everything she could about the health benefits of rhythmic entrainment. In January 2014, she will be releasing her debut book, The Drummer’s Manifesto: Empowering your Musical Brain for Optimal Health. She is committed to helping others empower their lives through music, as she pursues her mission to bring global awareness of the health benefits of rhythmic entrainment.

More information on Lynn-Seraphine’s work can be found at PamelaLynnSeraphine.com.




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