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Criminal Justice Degree Online

The program covers legal procedure, criminal law, digital crime, forensic psychology, terrorism response, substance abuse, and white-collar crime.

Law Enforcement Degree Online

The program provides law enforcement professionals with the knowledge and skills required to rise to leadership positions in a law enforcement organization.

- Law enforcement leaders and officers discuss current topics and trends

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Celano Charles, MA
Policing, Security, Asset Protection, Leadership, Criminal Justice, and Law
Walter Witham, MS
Early intervention and non-traditional intervention programs
Joseph Gamaldi, MA
Criminal Justice, homeland security, sociology and political science
Donna Dimatteo-Gibson, PhD
Psychology and the workplace, project management, organizational psychology, leadership
Michael Morris, DBA
White-collar and financial crime
Jimmie Flores, DM/IST
Human resources, IT, project management, finance and quality management

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In this presentation, Dr. Joshua Taylor outlines common psychological issues facing veterans from the various military branches, exploring commonalities and differences among them. He begins by addressing the thinking, feeling and behaving aspects of military functioning and military life.

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Sergeant Steve Cogger has worked for the same Chicago-area police agency since 1990. In his 24-year career, he has performed a wide variety of law enforcement functions, from crime scene technician to detective to administrator, among many others. His first love, however, is patrol work...

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