Criminal Justice Degree Online

BSCJ | Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

BSCJ Outcomes

The program learning outcomes of the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program are:


Apply effective written and oral communication skills to various interactions with law enforcement personnel, victims, witnesses, and suspects utilizing the language conventions specific to criminal justice.

Critical Thinking

Demonstrate critical thinking and skeptical inquiry in the understanding of key concepts in criminal justice, applying these concepts appropriately, evaluating and justifying positions, and creating coherent arguments.

Cultural and Social Understanding

Analyze the major historical and contemporary issues facing the criminal justice system as they relate to contemporary urban society and respect for racial, ethnic, cultural, and gender diversity.

Information Literacy

Demonstrate information literacy and technological competency to facilitate the study of criminal justice and criminology.

Personal Development

Practice and apply inter-personal skills in the educational environment so that learning criminal justice and law enforcement practices and procedures is meaningful, personalized and related to both personal and professional goals.

Quantitative Reasoning

Demonstrate the ability to use analytical skills in conjunction with information systems, data analysis and computer skills to understand situations in criminal justice and make well-reasoned decisions.

Scientific Reasoning

Possess the knowledge, understanding, and ability to employ state-of-the-art technologies common to the criminal justice profession to conduct research and present findings explaining how this data informs policies and programs.

Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues

Apply ethical and legal principles using sound judgment to evaluate and employ appropriate professional behaviors within all aspects of their life.

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