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School of Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Faculty

The faculty mentors in CalSouthern’s School of Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement are experienced and skilled professionals from a wide variety of criminal justice settings. In addition, they are dedicated, responsive and highly credentialed educators.

They will be there for you—via phone, email or Skype—to answer any questions you may have and to help you master the course material. And perhaps most important, they will help you take the concepts you learn and apply them to resolve challenges commonly faced in today’s increasingly complex and ever-evolving criminal justice landscape, using current best practices.

Our programs are designed to encourage success and develop lifelong learning patterns. Therefore, interaction between faculty and students is an integral part of the University's process.

A Faculty Mentor is assigned each time you enroll in a course so you have access to an academic specialist in the field.

CalSouthern’s faculty mentors are positive, encouraging and supportive—and entirely dedicated to your academic and professional success.


Joseph Gamaldi, MA

Faculty Mentor, Business

Areas of Interest and Expertise
Criminal justice, homeland security, sociology, political science, labor relations

Joseph Gamaldi was born and raised on Long Island, New York. He attended the University of Hartford for his undergraduate work, majoring in criminal justice, with minors in sociology and political science. Following graduation, he was hired as a police officer with the NYPD, where he worked for three years as a patrol officer. Gamaldi then transferred to the Houston Police Department, working as a patrol officer, field trainer, and field performance evaluator, for the past six years. While working, for both the NYPD and HPD, Gamaldi completed his master's degree in homeland security management from Long Island University.

Gamaldi continues to work for the Houston Police Department, but after having been elected as the Second Vice President of the Houston Police Officers' Union, he now performs the duties of that position on a full-time basis.

Educational Background

MA, Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY, BA, University of Hartford, Hartford, Connecticu

Courses Taught
  • LE 86550 - Police Administrative Policy Operations
  • LGL 2101 - Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • LGL 2118 - Organized Crime
  • LGL 2215 - White Collar Crime
  • LGL 2221 - Criminal Investigation Procedures
  • LGL 2412 - Drugs and Substance Abuse
  • LGL 2525 - Administrative Office Procedures in Criminal Justice


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