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MSLEEL Courses

Below please find a listing of the online courses that comprise the Master of Science in Law Enforcement Executive Leadership degree program.

Required Core Courses

LE 86530 Homeland Security: Strategic Application

Credits : 3

This course examines the policies, practices, concepts and challenges confronting criminal justice and intelligence practitioners in Homeland Security. It provides an overview of threats to domestic security from terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, and other related risks and vulnerabilities. It examines the strategies and systems involved in protecting against and responding to threats. Discussion includes the managerial, political, legal and organizational issues related to crisis planning and response, the National Strategy for Homeland Security, the National Infrastructure Plan, and the role of local law enforcement.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Evaluate course concepts critically and competently through interaction with Learners and Faculty Mentor.
  • Analyze the rationale of Homeland Security.
  • Examine the principles, functions, and strategies in protecting America.
  • Critique the various forms, categories, and tactics of terrorism.
  • Categorize the theories of cybercrime and the link to terrorism.
  • Contrast a different America since 9/11.
  • Explain the terms and phrases used to describe terrorism, cybercrime, and national security.
  • Integrate course concepts through the use of internet resources.
  • Evaluate and incorporate emerging relevant technologies applicable to the field of law enforcement.
  • Demonstrate ethical behavior in regard to information and information technology.
  • Analyze and evaluate information critically and effectively.
  • Deliver an effective oral presentation through an informative and persuasive presentation

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