Law Enforcement Degree Online

MSLEEL | Master of Science in Law Enforcement Executive Leadership

MSLEEL Outcomes

The program learning outcomes of the Master of Science in Law Enforcement Executive Leadership degree program are:


Communicate clear direction, guidance, and procedures with others in most organizational settings to include vertical and horizontal in a criminal justice environment.

Critical Thinking

Employ appropriate analytical models and apply critical reasoning processes to complex executive level organizational issues and provide the overarching philosophy for resolution.

Cultural and Social Understanding

Acquire a keen awareness, identification, and genuine sensitivity to the diversity of cultures involved in a criminal justice operational environment.

Information Literacy

Analyze information and formulate executive level alternatives for resolution demonstrating competence and effectiveness in disseminating information synthesized for the organization.

Personal Development

Provide awareness, confidence, and a sense of accomplishment through the acquisition of managerial level strategies, plans, and philosophies about the criminal justice system.

Quantitative Reasoning

Apply and analyze quantifiable numerical data and make intelligent and rational decisions that support a criminal justice agency.

Scientific Reasoning

Maximize the use of research and statistical methodologies to apply in executive level management decisions in the area of theoretical analysis of a policing of a criminal justice strategy.

Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues

Demonstration of competent ethical, legal, and professional conduct issues which fosters behaviors and decisions that meet a high duty of trust and reliability in all management decisions.

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