Online Masters Degree in Education

Online Master's Degree in Education

Master in Education: Program Learning Outcomes

In this program the students will concentrate on:

Educational theory

Interpret educational theories and scholarship to inform best practices in education;

Current research

Employ appropriate oral and written communication skills in multiple educational settings; 

Apply critical-thinking skills to interpret information to arrive at appropriate inferences and professional conclusions;

Utilize quantitative reasoning skills to analyze data and come to intelligent conclusions that support evidence-based decisions in diverse settings;

Educational practice

Develop and apply educational theory-to-practice strategies to investigate and resolve critical problems from diverse perspectives;

Demonstrate ability to act as thought leaders that support sustainable practices in ethical and legal issues that adhere to professional standards;

Service toward the public good:

Apply understanding of theories in education, educational research, and ethical reasoning to tasks that will demonstrate the capacity to serve as visionary scholar- practitioners;

Integrate personal and professional development to navigate the complexities within educational settings.