Planning and Assessment

Planning and Assessment

Planning and assessment at CalSouthern might best be described as a learner-centered approach to education that focuses on gathering and analyzing data to ensure that students are developing the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. It is a totally transparent process; at CalSouthern, students participate in the assessment process and the university shares all findings and results.

While some may associate planning and assessment solely with academic programs, at CalSouthern, assessment occurs across three components: academic programs (educational effectiveness), support services (administrative effectiveness) and co-curricular activities (co-curricular effectiveness). Results provide data-driven findings necessary to plan for the growth and improvement of the educational programs, services and related operations and for CalSouthern’s co-curricular activities.

The following are five of the most fundamental goals of assessment at CalSouthern:

  1. Use assessment results for institutional decision-making and continuous improvement throughout the university.
  2. Provide evidence of a high-quality and supportive academic and co-curricular experience for all learners.
  3. Provide a conduit to collect evidence of effective student learning, administrative support and co-curricular services.
  4. Implement assessment activities that comply with accountability goals established by accrediting bodies and regulatory agencies.
  5. Share valid and reliable data and data-driven findings with all institutional stakeholders.

Much of that data and findings is available by clicking on the tabs to the left. CalSouthern invites you to explore the information to learn more about how the university uses assessment to guide its planning and to promote continuous improvement across the entire university.