Note: The university is not currently enrolling new learners in the School of Law.

The School of Law is committed to providing learners a thorough understanding of the law while promoting analytical and critical thinking, service to society, and an appreciation for legal, social, ethical, and professional issues. It delivers a comprehensive legal education in a rich and dynamic academic distance-learning environment that fosters a scholarly and respectful exchange of ideas between experienced Faculty Mentors and adult learners.

Degree Programs

Note: The university is not currently enrolling new learners in any programs within the School of Law.

Ellie Shefi

Dean Profile

Ellie D. Shefi, JD, Esq.

Dr. Ellie D. Shefi is an attorney in good standing who received her JD from the University of Michigan Law School, where she served as a Teaching Assistant in the Legal Practice Program and an Associate Editor of the Journal of Law Reform. Dr. Shefi has been a practicing attorney with the United States Judiciary for almost two decades and also brings with her nearly 25 years of experience as a teacher, trainer, manager, and speaker.

Disclosure Required by the CBE of the State Bar of California
The method of instruction at this law school for professional law degree programs other than for the Juris Doctor degree is principally by correspondence. Completion of a professional law degree program at this law school other than for the Juris Doctor degree does not qualify a student to take the California Bar Examination or to satisfy the requirements for admission to practice law in California. It may not qualify a student to take the bar examination or to satisfy the requirements for admission to the practice of law in any other jurisdiction. A student intending to seek admission to practice law should contact the admitting authority in the jurisdictions where the student intends to seek to qualify to sit for the bar examination or for admission to practice for information regarding the legal education requirements in that jurisdiction for admission to the practice of law.

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Faculty Mentors

The faculty mentors in CalSouthern’s School of Law are skilled practicing attorneys. As dedicated, responsive, and highly qualified educators, the faculty mentors are available to support your learning and mastery of the course content, to help prepare you for the First Year Law Student’s Examination and the California Bar Exam, to teach you skills that you will need to be an effective practitioner and to help you apply your knowledge to challenges commonly faced in legal practice today.

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