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The Master of Science in Law (MSL) degree program is designed for learners who seek an understanding of the law and the United States legal system, but who do not intend to practice law. Learners in the MSL program are required to earn 36 semester credits. The MSL program curriculum covers major substantive areas of United States law. Learners enrolled in the MSL program will not satisfy the requirements of the California Committee of Bar Examiners (CBE) or become eligible to sit for the California bar exam and become lawyers.

Quick Facts:

  • Credits required: 36
  • Cost per credit: $545
  • Program length: 2 years (full-time status)

What you’ll learn

Prepare concise, evidence-based written arguments and legal documents.

Develop comprehensive oral communication skills to effectively advocate, negotiate, and work with a diverse clientele.

Evaluate evidence, assess arguments and issues, analyze facts in light of applicable law, and appraise whether conclusions or consequences are supported by the information provided.

Identify cultural, religious, and racial biases in the law and its application.

Demonstrate the ability to conduct legal research, locate necessary information, and critically evaluate sources.

Examine complex fact patterns and be able to distinguish relevant nuances through processes of analysis.

Produce a well-developed research paper reflecting a system of inquiry that relies on empirical evidence and analyze relevant arguments and sources therein.

Apply ethical, legal, and professional standards to issues, and acquire an integrated understanding of the function of law to effectively utilize professional legal services.

Master of Science in Law Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements Credits
Required Core Courses 21
Elective Courses 15

Courses + Credits

The following courses comprise the Master of Science in Law (MSL) program at CalSouthern. The online MSL degree program covers the major substantive areas of U.S. law (as well as the basic principles of international law), with courses ranging from torts, contracts, property, and constitutional law to domestic relations and intellectual property.

Required Core Courses

  • MSD 6705 American Legal Process — 3-credits
  • MSL 6100 Criminal Law — 3-credits
  • MSL 6150 Contracts — 3-credits
  • MSL 6200 Torts — 3-credits
  • MSL 6300 Constitutional Law — 3-credits
  • MSL 6400 Legal Ethics — 3-credits
  • CAP 6700 Capstone Project — 3-credits

Elective Courses

  • MSD 6725 Strategies and Ethics in Negotiations — 3-credits
  • MSD 6730 Mediation — 3-credits
  • MSL 6250 Property — 3-credits
  • MSL 6350 Business Associates — 3-credits
  • MSL 6450 Wills, Trusts, and Estates — 3-credits
  • MSL 6500 Domestic Relations — 3-credits
  • MSL 6550 Immigration — 3-credits
  • MSL 6600 International Law — 3-credits
  • MSL 6650 Intellectual Property — 3-credits

Download the University Catalog for full course descriptions, prerequisite information, and program details.

Disclosure Required by the CBE of the State Bar of California
The method of instruction at this law school for professional law degree programs other than for the Juris Doctor degree is principally by correspondence. Completion of a professional law degree program at this law school other than for the Juris Doctor degree does not qualify a student to take the California Bar Examination or to satisfy the requirements for admission to practice law in California. It may not qualify a student to take the bar examination or to satisfy the requirements for admission to the practice of law in any other jurisdiction. A student intending to seek admission to practice law should contact the admitting authority in the jurisdictions where the student intends to seek to qualify to sit for the bar examination or for admission to practice for information regarding the legal education requirements in that jurisdiction for admission to the practice of law.

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