The CalSouthern Learning Center

We Make it Easy to Organize, Manage and Track Your Academic Journey

The CalSouthern Learning Center is the university’s proprietary learning platform. It contains everything you’ll need as a CalSouthern learner and is extremely intuitive and user-friendly.

From your Learning Center homepage, just click on your current course to find the syllabus, assignments, exams and a textbook list. You can also easily access your degree plan, which will show you all the courses you’ve completed, the grades you’ve earned and the courses remaining in your academic program—tracking your progress is simple!

The Learning Center provides seamless access to the university library, for all your research and academic writing needs. You can also click into your university email account from your homepage, which gives you access to Microsoft Office 365 and all of its software and storage services (all of which are provided to CalSouthern students at no additional charge).

University news and important announcements are posted to the Learning Center, and you can click through to CalSouthern’s online magazine—the CalSouthern Sun—too.

If you should ever have any questions or need an issue resolved, your entire support team (from your faculty mentors to your academic advisors, librarian and IT staff) is listed on your homepage and just a click or call away.