CalSouthern Library Services

A Wealth of Tools and Resources, Plus Personalized Research and Writing Help

The CalSouthern online library has all the tools and resources you will need for your academic research and writing. Its collection of specialized research databases is on par with that of any public or private brick-and-mortar institution.

In addition to the research databases, you’ll find a wealth of videos and multi-media resources on topics of interest to CalSouthern students, scholarly writing and citation tools, curated collections of academic websites, e-books, an interlibrary loan service, textbook services, a dedicated law library, news media databases and a comprehensive career services section.

However, even the most comprehensive collection of resources is of little use if you can’t find what you’re looking for. That’s why the library services department has carefully designed and refined the library so that researching your particular topic is a user-friendly and intuitive process. Also, the library is replete with multimedia tutorials, easy-to-follow guides and categorized tips to make your research more effective and efficient.

CalSouthern students’ favorite library resource? That would be our ALA-certified librarian, who stands ready to assist individual students with their research and writing, and to help them fully utilize all the tools and resources that are available to them.