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The graduates of California Southern University are a diverse and successful group of accomplished individuals. They represent a wide variety of professions and educational experiences, they also share the challenges of balancing careers, personal lives, and education.

CalSouthern is known for providing an adult approach to higher education. Our goal is to serve the individual needs of our student's lifestyles through online distance learning, providing the individual attention they need to ensure success.

We welcome you to view the profiles of just some of our many outstanding business graduates below.

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Darrell Allin, BBA

Business Executive
Reno, NV
Bachelor of Business Administration, ’08

My CalSouthern Experience

I’m definitely pleased with my decision to enroll at CalSouthern. To be perfectly candid, the affordability and accessibility (the ability to enroll and get started quickly, with no GRE requirement) played a critical role in that decision, although academic quality was an absolute necessity, as well. I am more than satisfied with the curriculum, faculty and support, and some of the books and materials I studied will be cornerstones in my professional library that I’ll rely on throughout my career.


Professional Summary

Darrell “Kelly” Allin is materials manager at National Oilwell Varco (NOV) Fiber Glass Systems. NOV is based out of Houston, Texas and has offices and manufacturing locations around the world. Kelly is responsible for all materials and equipment procurement for the Fiberspar products plant and travels regularly, managing critical components of the supply chain.

Having spent significant time in China, Kelly also is responsible for several corporate initiatives in that country, one of which is establishing a manufacturing operation in Harbin (Northern China).

Kelly has worked at many levels in different manufacturing organizations from technician through designer and even CEO. He often crosses job boundaries to solve problems, establish teams, or take on key initiatives such as the aforementioned venture in China. Most recently, Kelly designed a revolutionary “hybrid” connector to join pipe used in the oil and gas markets. United States and international patents are pending for this and another product Kelly has designed.

Before attending CalSouthern, Kelly attended the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Santa Barbara City College. He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration at CalSouthern, then went on to Colorado Tech to complete his MBA. Kelly has returned to CalSouthern in pursuit of his Doctor of Business Administration. Kelly hopes to complete his Doctorate in 2015 and then apply for teaching and/or lecture opportunities in the U.S. and abroad.

When not working at his studies or his "nine-to-five," Kelly enjoys playing golf, playing the piano, writing, helping others and, most of all, enjoying life with his family.


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