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Introduction to the Master of Business Administration (MBA)

CalSouthern’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program is designed to prepare students for leadership positions in organizations of all sizes and across all business sectors. In addition to mastery of fundamental business principles, you’ll develop the ability to devise strategies and implement them across business operations, in addition to honing your communications and leadership skills. At CalSouthern, you can customize your MBA program according to your interests: you can choose to concentrate your studies in management, finance, healthcare administration, international business, project management, or human resources. Or, you can design your own program around your prior education, work experience, and career goals.

2 Years (full-time status)

With maximum transfer credits and by taking courses simultaneously, Learners can complete the degree program in as little as 18 months. Or, Learners can proceed at a more leisurely pace and complete in four years or more.

Dr. Gregory Herbert, Dean of the School of Business, gives a short overview of the Master of Business Administration program offered at CalSouthern.

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The True Value of CalSouthern’s Online MBA Program

There’s a reason why the MBA is—by far—the nation’s most popular graduate degree program. It’s a versatile degree that prepares graduates for leadership positions in organizations of all sizes, across all business sectors. Whether you’re interested in finance, marketing, management, human resources, or any of a myriad of other business disciplines, an online MBA degree can position you for success.

But the real value in an online MBA degree lies in the array of practical and valuable skills that a quality program instills. CalSouthern’s online MBA program will develop higher-order critical thinking skills, an ability to establish strategies and manage their implementation across business operations, an understanding of how to apply technical tools to identify and address challenges, and an appreciation of professional ethics. You’ll also fine-tune your written and verbal professional communication skills. These are tools and abilities that will pay incalculable dividends for the rest of your professional life.

When you enroll in our accredited online MBA program, you’ll become a part of the CalSouthern community. It’s what sets our university apart. CalSouthern measures its performance by your success and satisfaction. Faculty, administration, and staff are always available and responsive, and will give you all the means and support you need to complete your degree program.

Please take a few moments and familiarize yourself with CalSouthern’s accredited online MBA program. In addition to reviewing our School of Business Faculty Mentor bios and reading profiles of CalSouthern alumni, you can read descriptions of the MBA program courses and learn how you can focus your studies on any one of a variety of business disciplines, including management, finance, human resources management, international business, and project management.

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