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BBA | Concentration in Entrepreneurship

BBA with a Concentration in Entrepreneurship

CalSouthern’s BBA with a Concentration in Entrepreneurship: a Closer Look

If you’ve ever thought about running your own business then this concentration is for you.  You will learn the intricacies of starting and managing a business from the ground up.  You’ll learn how to write an effective business plan, find financing for your business, and how to manage the growth of your business. 

At CalSouthern, you can earn your BBA with a concentration in entrepreneurship online and at your own pace—as quickly as your busy schedule will allow. Without the restrictions associated with a traditional class schedule, you can study when you want, where you want, without compromising your personal and professional obligations.

To add a concentration in entrepreneurship to your CalSouthern Bachelor of Business Administration degree (BBA), you’ll supplement your core business courses (in subjects such as marketing, finance, business law, business communications, and management) with 15 credit hours of elective courses focused on starting and managing a new business. All courses will be taught by CalSouthern’s talented and responsive faculty. They are gifted instructors—experienced in facilitating online learning—in addition to being business leaders in their fields of specialty. They’ll supplement the latest academic theory with successful, proven, real-world business tactics and strategies while addressing actual business scenarios and case studies.

We encourage you to take the time to review our School of Business faculty bios, alumni profiles, and course descriptions. We’re confident that, as you learn more about CalSouthern, you’ll realize that it’s an excellent choice for your BBA degree. We’re an accredited university that measures its performance by your success. CalSouthern’s faculty, administration, and staff will provide you with all the tools and support you need to complete your degree program—every step of the way.

Entrepreneurship Courses

ENT 2515 Women and Entrepreneurship

Credits : 3

This course focuses on the fundamental concepts and constructs needed by today’s business women to develop, manage, and operate their own entrepreneurial ventures. Special attention is placed on business plan development, ownership structure, financials, location and layout, marketing operations, human resource strategies, and risk management, all of which are necessary skills to ensure the success and longevity of any business endeavor. In addition, Learners will explore and evaluate the future direction of entrepreneurship and small business management that all women entrepreneurs must consider.

Learning Outcomes

  • Integrate course concepts critically and competently through interaction with Learners and Faculty Mentor.
  • Determine if becoming an entrepreneur is a “good- fit” and right for you.
  • Explore the market economy and business plan development.
  • Identify and meet marketing needs to better market your business.
  • Determine how to distribute, promote, sell and select your ownership type.
  • Evaluate business location, set-up and financials.
  • Explain the importance of both operations and human resources management skills.
  • Explore the roles of risk management and entrepreneurship’s future.
  • Practices ethical behavior in regard to information and information technology.
  • Evaluate information critically and effectively.



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