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BBA | Concentration in International Business

BBA with a Concentration in International Business

Prepare Yourself for the Challenges—and Opportunities—of a Global Marketplace With CalSouthern’s BBA With a Concentration in International Business

The proliferation of technology continues to break down barriers of culture, communication, and—importantly—commerce. Ours is now truly a global economy, which presents many challenges, but also a wealth of new opportunities for those that have the right skills and education. Whether you want to work for a domestic corporation looking to expand into international markets or for a multinational company with an established global presence, an international business degree can set you apart from the competition. And CalSouthern’s Bachelor of Business Associations (BBA) with a concentration in international business is an excellent choice.

CalSouthern’s School of Business faculty is comprised of gifted professors who are not only skilled in teaching via CalSouthern’s proprietary online learning platform, but who are also experienced business professionals and leaders in their respective fields. They will mentor you—one-on-one—as you work toward your degree. They, like the rest of CalSouthern’s administration and staff, are responsive to your needs and committed to your success—it’s what sets our school apart and it’s what we take pride in. You’ll be given all the academic tools and support you need to earn your BBA with a concentration in international business.

In this degree program, you’ll supplement your core business courses with specialized expertise in international business topics, such as international management, international business law, global marketing, international finance, and global economics. You’ll also be able to engage, exchange ideas, and network with CalSouthern’s international student body.

Whether you utilize your BBA to distinguish yourself from the competition in an increasingly competitive marketplace, or use it as a stepping stone to your master’s degree, it’s a valuable and timely degree program in our increasingly complex, global economy.

International Business Courses

IB 2402 International Economics

Credits : 3

This course studies the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services on a worldwide basis. An awareness of role of international issues and importance of international economic events will be developed. Topics also include policy issues related to reducing trade barriers and the effects of threatened retaliatory actions; increased integration efforts of the trade associations; and the tensions accompanying growth, structural change, and globalization at the World Bank and World Trade Organization meetings.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Explain the implications of extending the basic model of comparative advantage to more than two countries.
  • Demonstrate the concept and limitations of a community of indifference curve.
  • Assess how growth and trade affect welfare in a small country.
  • Explain the different tax instruments employed to influence imports.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of trade policy in the presence of market imperfections.
  • Explain the difference between alternative accounting balances within the balance of payments.
  • Describe how global money markets, interest rates, and foreign exchange markets are interdependent.
  • Explain how price elasticity of demand relates to the stability of foreign exchange markets.
  • Show why income levels across countries are interdependent.
  • Describe the differing impacts of fixed and flexible exchange rates on international trade, international investment, and resource allocation.
  • Evaluate course concepts critically and competently through interaction with Learners and your Mentor.
  • Practice ethical behavior in regard to information and information technology.

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