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BBA | Concentration in Leadership

BBA with a Concentration in Leadership

Whether you’re an entrepreneur who’s launched a small business or a c-level executive of a Fortune 500 organization, your leadership skills will largely determine your—and your company’s—success. While strong managers are able to effectively direct a team to execute a vision, the best leaders are true innovators who create the vision and are the force that enables the team to perform. They lead people through effective and often inspirational communication. Perhaps most important, they develop talent, aligning people’s needs, talents and passions with the mission of the organization.

CalSouthern’s Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in leadership combines a well-rounded, foundational education in business administration with specialized courses designed to instil and enhance these critical leadership skills. The six courses (five are required to establish the concentration) focus on leadership fundamentals, written, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, group dynamics and best practices in project-oriented leadership.

It’s an innovative program that’s perfectly suited for today’s fast-changing, technology-driven and increasingly globalized business world. Faculty—experienced business professionals as well as highly credentialed educators—will work with you one-on-one to help you learn to apply current business theory to solve real-world business challenges.

Students in the BBA program are provided Microsoft Office 365 at no additional charge, giving them access to Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and other popular Microsoft Office applications. Since it’s a cloud-based solution, students can access these applications at any time, from virtually any device—all that’s needed is an Internet connection. Not only is it a great academic resource that will help students more efficiently complete their coursework, it’s a great opportunity to develop expertise and familiarity with the world’s most widely used business software.

Leadership Courses

LDR 2125 Leadership Communication

Credits : 3

The ability to communicate effectively is probably the single most important trait a leader, supervisor, or manager can possess. This course is organized around the characteristics and concepts for developing the communication capabilities needed to be a transformational leader. The student investigates the core communication capabilities in strategy, speaking, media, and writing skills. Plus, the student learns how to communicate effectively with diverse audiences, understand cultural differences, conduct productive meetings, manage global teams, create and communicate visions, lead change initiatives, and foster external relationships.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Define what communications is.
  • Discuss organizational devices and decision-making styles.
  • Describe the 10 guidelines for concise communications.
  • Discuss the 20 most grammatical errors and purposes for generating
  • Discuss the eight types of oral delivery methods.
  • Illustrate the key elements of presentation preparation.
  • Explain how to properly use animation as a presentation tool.
  • Demonstrate the use of graphics and fundamental chart principles.
  • Examine the different types of leadership styles.
  • Define the “nonverbals” that hinder communications.
  • Discuss the six productive meeting questions.
  • Explain what cultural variability and differences.
  • Discuss the objectives for good communications.
  • Explain the three-phased communication plan.
  • Assess external audiences and media groups.
  • Explain how to handle and respond to a crisis situation.
  • Introduce self and explain course expectations.
  • Integrate the course concepts through interaction with other Learners and your Mentor.
  • Access information efficiently and effectively.
  • Evaluate information critically and competently.
  • Practices ethical behavior in regard to information and information technology.

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