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CalSouthern's Online Degree Programs

CalSouthern’s Online Degree Programs: A Closer Look

California Southern University offers online degree programs in business, law, and psychology. Regardless of your academic experience—whether you are just beginning your journey in higher education or you’re an experienced professional looking to obtain your doctorate—you’ll be able to find an online degree program well-suited to your educational and career goals.

Coursework at CalSouthern is conducted online, via our proprietary online learning platform. Because of this, you can work toward your online degree on your own time and at your own pace, all without compromising your work or professional obligations.

CalSouthern’s online degree programs are constantly updated, rigorous, and compelling. They’re taught by Faculty Mentors who are not only gifted educators, well-versed in CalSouthern’s robust e-learning platform, but they’re also experienced professionals in their fields, and utilize this practical experience to help you apply academic theory to current issues and challenges in your field of study. They’ll get to know you, and will strive to make your educational experience meaningful and relevant to your particular interests and professional goals.

The moment you enroll in CalSouthern, you become part of a community of faculty, administration, staff, and fellow students who are eager to provide you with the tools and support you need to succeed in your academic program. CalSouthern is different from other online schools. Every day, we measure ourselves by our students’ satisfaction and success. It’s what distinguishes our university and it’s what we take pride in.

Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with our academic programs and to read profiles of our faculty as well as a few of our distinguished alumni. We hope you’ll give us a call. You’ll speak with a dedicated education professional who will take the time to learn about your particular educational and career goals and help you determine if a CalSouthern online degree program is right for you.