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Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs at CalSouthern

CalSouthern offers five online bachelor’s degrees in some of the fastest-growing and in-demand fields: the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS), the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (BSCJ), the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BA) and the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).

The BBA is the online bachelor’s degree that offers the most versatile education for a business career. It provides a broad, fundamentally sound educational foundation for a career in business management or administration at a company of any size, in any business sector.

CalSouthern’s BBA degree program gives you the opportunity to focus your studies and earn a concentration in one of five important and growing business disciplines: criminal justice, accounting, international business, human resources management, and project management. Each concentration has been chosen for its current relevance in the business world, and is taught by gifted professors who have real-world experience in the field.

Combining foundational subjects such as legal procedure and criminal law with specialized and cutting-edge courses including digital crime, terrorism response, substance abuse, and forensic psychology, CalSouthern’s Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice is an outstanding degree option for those interested in this fast-moving and technology-driven field. It’s a versatile, comprehensive degree that’s well-suited for those interested in law enforcement, private investigation, corrections, forensics, or the judicial system, among many other specialties.

The School of Behavioral Sciences offers the BA in psychology. Psychology traditionally has been one of America’s most popular majors and for good reason: the study of psychology (and CalSouthern’s BA degree program specifically) give students a solid fundamental grounding in science and human behavior. The BA program will help you develop high-order reasoning, and an ability to read and synthesize complex information quickly and effectively. The oral and written communication skills you learn will benefit you for a lifetime.

The School of Nursing’s BSN is designed for registered nurses who have yet to earn their bachelor’s degree. It’s a critical and in-demand degree in light of the healthcare industry’s Magnet Recognition Program requiring that 80 percent of Magnet-status hospitals’ staff nurses hold a BSN degree or higher by the year 2020. The program integrates relevant courses from the Schools of Business and Psychology, so that students can supplement the core nursing courses with electives in mental health care, management, healthcare administration and leadership.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with CalSouthern’s accredited online bachelor’s degree programs. Look over the course descriptions and read faculty bios. Even better, call an enrollment advisor or a member of the university’s administration. You’ll speak with a dedicated education professional who truly cares about your education and career goals. It’s the community of personalized support that sets CalSouthern apart, and you’ll experience it for yourself the moment you enroll.