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Give CalSouthern a Try—Take an Online College Course Without Committing to a Degree Program

CalSouthern gives prospective students the option of enrolling in any of its online college courses without committing to a degree program. You might have an interest in a specific subject or two, or want to develop specialized knowledge or skills to advance on the job. Or maybe you’ve never taken an online university course and want to see what the experience is like before enrolling in a degree program. Perhaps you’re looking to earn credits to be applied to a degree at CalSouthern or another institution.*

Regardless of whether you have a master’s degree or no college experience, you can enroll in courses from CalSouthern’s Schools of Business, Law, Criminal Justice, Behavioral Sciences and Nursing. You’ll be taught by the same talented and responsive faculty, and receive the same level of personalized attention and support as any student in a degree program—at CalSouthern, we measure our performance by your satisfaction and success. It’s this collegial and supportive environment that sets CalSouthern apart, and we’ll make sure you experience it for yourself.

When enrolling in a single course, we recommend that you consult with an enrollment advisor to discuss your educational goals so that—if you decide you would like to continue your studies at CalSouthern—the credits you earn can be applied to a degree program. Our courses begin on the first of every month, so you can get started right away!

* Although credits from regionally accredited institutions like CalSouthern are readily accepted by other universities, acceptance is at the discretion of the receiving institution.

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