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The graduates of California Southern University are a diverse and successful group of accomplished individuals. They represent a wide variety of professions and educational experiences, they also share the challenges of balancing careers, personal lives, and education.

CalSouthern is known for providing an adult approach to higher education. Our goal is to serve the individual needs of our student's lifestyles through online distance learning, providing the individual attention they need to ensure success.

We welcome you to view the profiles of just some of our many outstanding business graduates below.

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Jeffrey Miller, JD

Studio City, CA
Juris Doctor, ’13

My CalSouthern Experience

It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Whenever someone would ask me where I was getting my law degree and I would explain that I was studying online, the first reaction was generally one of skepticism. But then I would describe the rigorous coursework, and almost universally the response from anyone who went to a traditional law school would be, “Wow, that sounds impossible. I never could have done it.” Going in I had no illusions that it would be easy, but I also had no idea it would be so hard. And there were times when I thought the stress of juggling school and my full-time job and family was going to kill me. But I made it through and, looking back, all of the weekends and nights and early mornings of studying were worth it. I got an amazing education. For anyone who is self-motivated, there may be no better way to learn.

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Professional Summary

Jeffrey Miller is an attorney for WellPoint, one of the largest healthcare companies in the U.S. There, he supports the company’s California health plan business, as well as web and mobile development, social media marketing and intellectual property matters for the entire enterprise.

Miller graduated from UCLA in 1984 with a degree in English literature. His first career was in the entertainment business, where he worked at a talent agency and later developed movies for television. He joined WellPoint’s legal department in 1994, working as a legal assistant to support himself while he pursued his dream of being a screenwriter.

The dream became a reality in 1998, and soon thereafter Miller left WellPoint for a successful run as a screenwriter, writing a number of film scripts for Warner Brothers, DreamWorks and Castle Rock, among other studios—only one of which was ever made into a film.

When Hollywood became bored with him—and he became bored with Hollywood—Miller returned to WellPoint. Prompted by colleagues and a family friend who is a federal district court judge, Miller decided to pursue a law degree and, in 2009, he enrolled at CalSouthern. Four years later he graduated with honors and, one month after graduation in February 2013, he sat for the California Bar Exam—and passed on his first try.

Miller lives in Studio City, California with his partner and their son. Now that he doesn’t have to devote every waking moment to studying, he’s returning to writing, which is his true passion.


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