School of Law Faculty

School of Law Faculty

The faculty mentors in CalSouthern’s School of Law are skilled, practicing attorneys as well as dedicated, responsive and highly credentialed educators.

They will be there for you—via phone, email or Skype—to answer any questions you may have and to help you master the course material. And, equally important, they will help you take the concepts you learn and apply them to resolve challenges commonly faced in legal practice today.

CalSouthern’s faculty mentors are positive, encouraging and supportive—and entirely dedicated to your academic and professional success.


John Bruegger, JSD

Faculty Mentor, Law

Areas of Interest and Expertise
Jurisprudence, philosophy of law, Constitutional law, torts, civil procedure, taxation

John Bruegger is an attorney in the St. Louis metropolitan area, where he practices with the law firm Hawkins, Parnell, Thackston & Young, LLP. He holds a Doctor of Juridical Science degree in Jurisprudence/Philosophy of Law and a Master of Laws from Washington University in St. Louis, a Juris Doctor from Saint Louis University, and a BA from the University of Missouri. Additionally, he is licensed to practice law in Missouri, Illinois and California, and has been practicing for 14 years.

Mr. Bruegger loves being a lawyer, but he loves teaching more. He has been teaching online for four years, and hopes to continue for many more. On a personal note, he is married and has six children, ages 20, 17, 15, 13, 11 and 8. He also has five dogs. When he is not teaching, being a lawyer, or being dad, he enjoys reading and playing basketball.

Educational Background

JSD and LLM, Washington University School of Law, St. Louis, Missouri; JD, Saint Louis University School of Law, St. Louis, Missouri

Courses Taught
  • LAW 5101 - Introduction to Law
  • LAW 5110A - Torts I
  • LAW 5110B - Torts II
  • LAW 5117 - Legal Research
  • LAW 5121 - Civil Procedure
  • LAW 5123 - Constitutional Law I
  • LAW 5124 - Constitutional Law II
  • MSL 86200 - Torts
  • MSL 86300 - Constitutional Law


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