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Master of Science in Law Degree Courses at CalSouthern

The following law degree courses comprise the Master of Science in Law (MSL) program at CalSouthern. The online MSL degree program covers the major substantive areas of U.S. law (as well as the basic principles of international law), with courses ranging from torts, contracts, property, and constitutional law to domestic relations and intellectual property.

Required Courses

MSL 86150 Contracts

Credits : 3
Surveys the basic principles of contracts. Includes elements of a contract and enforceability issues, such as consideration, reliance, restitution, and reformation. Issues related to bargaining, including capacity, unfairness, and unconscionability are considered, as is the need for a writing. Remedies are studied, including specific performance, limitations on damages, and liquidated damages.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Evaluate the elements of valid contract formation, including mutual assent – offer and acceptance, consideration, and the requirement of no defenses
  • Explain the requirement of a written record for enforceability of contracts
  • Compare various means of ensuring the bargaining accords with public policy, including examination of capacity, unfairness, overreaching, and unconscionability
  • Compare remedies for breach of contract, including specific performance, expectation damages, and means of limiting damages. Develop the ability to derive facts and law from case law opinions.
  • Examine the interpretation of contract language
  • Evaluate performance and breach of contracts, including conditions, mitigation doctrines, and prospective nonperformance
  • Examine how the basic assumptions of parties to a contract affect enforceability of the contract, with emphasis on mistake, impracticability, and frustration of purpose
  • Synthesize the rights of third party beneficiaries and the assignment and delegation of contractual rights and duties
  • Integrate course concepts through interaction and discussion with other learners and the faculty mentor
  • Conduct research, select relevant journal articles, and evaluate the articles in the form of a journal article critique
  • Integrate course concepts in the form of a paper, mid-term assignment or movie critique by evaluating and analyzing selective, relevant material(s) and resource(s)
  • Ability to apply legal concepts to factual scenarios

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