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Master of Science in Law Degree Courses at CalSouthern

The following law degree courses comprise the Master of Science in Law (MSL) program at CalSouthern. The online MSL degree program covers the major substantive areas of U.S. law (as well as the basic principles of international law), with courses ranging from torts, contracts, property, and constitutional law to domestic relations and intellectual property.

Required Courses

MSL 86450 Wills, Trusts, and Estates

Credits : 3
Surveys the law relating to the creation of wills and trusts, creation of the trust relationship, charitable trusts, resulting trusts, constructive trusts, the power and duties of the trustee, alteration and termination of the trust, probate of wills, and administration of estates.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Evaluate and understand concepts of estate planning and estate administration and the role of probate courts.
  • Examine and understand theories of intestate succession.
  • Evaluate and comprehend the structure of wills, including formation and termination and the probating of a will.
  • Evaluate and comprehend the various forms of trusts, including formation and termination.
  • Evaluate and understand advance directives, gifts and other miscellaneous choices
  • Determine and evaluate appointment, removal and scope of duties of a personal representative.
  • Integrate course concepts in the form of a paper, mid-term assignment or movie critique by evaluating and analyzing selective, relevant material(s) and resources(s).
  • Integrate course concepts through interaction and discussion with other learners and faculty mentor.
  • Explain the laws that have been enacted for the protection of family members.


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