Baby Bar Exam

The California First-Year Law Students’ Examination (the "Baby Bar")

The Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California requires students earning JD degrees online to take the California First-Year Law Students’ Examination, also known as the Baby Bar. Students take the Baby Bar after completing the first year of law school (1L).

The Baby Bar is administered twice each year (June and October) and covers just three subjects: criminal law, torts and contracts—all courses taken during 1L. It's a rigorous one-day exam, with four one-hour essay exams in the morning and 100 multiple-choice questions in the afternoon.

Although the Baby Bar may seem like a headache, it actually is an advantage. The Baby Bar—the preparation as well as the examination itself—mirrors the California Bar Exam (but with fewer subjects covered) and is an invaluable experience that sets you up for success in law school and beyond. Historically at CalSouthern, those who pass the Baby Bar fare extremely well on the California Bar Exam.

CalSouthern's School of Law is committed to helping you pass the Baby Bar. The school's Baby Bar Workshops feature lectures by CalSouthern faculty mentors or commercial bar preparation specialists. You'll also learn Baby Bar-specific test-taking strategies and have the opportunity to answer sample questions and essays—and receive expert feedback on your answers. Full mock examinations will give you a chance to track your progress and allow you to head into the Baby Bar with confidence.

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