Bar Exam

The California Bar Examination

The California Bar Examination is an extremely rigorous, three-day examination administered in February and July of each year. (The exam will switch to a two-day format in July 2017). Days one and three consist of three one-hour essay questions in the morning, and a three-hour performance test in the afternoon, where you must play the role of a lawyer, judicial clerk or other legal professional, and perform a designated task, such as advising a client, conducting a legal transaction or drafting a pleading, letter or memorandum.

Like all law schools, CalSouthern encourages graduates who are preparing to take the bar to use a commercial bar preparation service and, if possible, to take some time off of work to study for the exam. However, CalSouthern’s Juris Doctor program is uniquely structured to give students the best opportunity to pass the bar:

  • Unlike at many other law schools, CalSouthern law students will be exposed to all California Bar Exam subjects during the course of the program
  • Sample Bar Exam multiple choice questions are incorporated into the curriculum, familiarizing students with the format and subject matter as they go
  • Commercial Bar Exam preparation materials are integrated into the program from day one
  • The California First-Year Law Students’ Examination and CalSouthern’s “Baby Bar Workshop” will give students the opportunity to practice and gain confidence with the California Bar Exam format
  • CalSouthern’s pass rate for first-time takers of the bar: 62%*

* (all bar examination administrations, 2013-15)

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