Support Services and Activities

Law Student Services and Activities

  • Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI)
    Students receive access to CALI and have the ability to access lessons covering multiple substantive areas of law. The password for accessing CALI is available on every course syllabus.

  • Westlaw
    All law students receive a password for Westlaw during their first week of instruction. The School of Law’s subscription allows law students to use Westlaw up to 40 hours per month. Students can contact the librarian and their academic advisor with any questions during these hours. Students may also access online tutorials offered by Westlaw and can access the Westlaw help line.

  • LexisNexis
    All law students receive an activation code for LexisNexis during their first week of instruction. The School of Law’s subscription allows law students to access LexisNexis 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Students also gain access to online tutorials offered by LexisNexis and can access the LexisNexis help line.

  • Academic Advisor
    Each student is assigned a dedicated Academic Advisor at the time of enrollment to assist them on a variety of matters as the need may arise. Law students may contact their Academic Advisor via telephone, email, or via an electronic messaging system provided through the University’s online learning platform, The CalSouthern Learning Center, with any questions they have concerning California Bar requirements, coursework, final examinations, or any other law school-related matter.

  • Information Technology (IT) Support
    Students may contact the IT Department with any technical questions or to report any errors in the CalSouthern Learning Center.

  • General Discussion Forum
    Students have the ability to interact with other law students through the J.D. discussion boards. Students may access the J.D. discussion boards via the CalSouthern Learning Center.

  • Monthly Newsletter
    Students receive an electronic newsletter, "The CalSouthern Sun" on a quarterly basis. The newsletter provides students with University news and upcoming events and spotlights students and faculty alike.

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