Associate Degree to Masters

ADN to MSN | Associate Degree to Masters

Introduction to the Associate Degree to Masters (ADN to MSN)

With CalSouthern’s ADN-to-MSN program, registered nurses holding an Associate Degree in Nursing can earn their Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) directly, without having to first complete their Bachelor of Science in Nursing. It’s a great way to advance your nursing career more quickly; nurses with an MSN can qualify for a wide variety of senior leadership and education positions within hospitals and a wide variety of other healthcare facilities.

Here’s how it works:

Students enrolled in the program take seven bachelor’s-level “bridge courses” which are designed to provide a foundational nursing curriculum and also to ensure that students are prepared for master’s-level study. Then, students complete required core courses in essential topics ranging from advanced health assessment and pathopharmacology to population health, nursing ethics and evidence-based practice, among others. Five elective courses allow students to concentrate their studies on in-demand fields such as executive leadership, nurse education or healthcare.

The ADN-to-MSN programs enables students to earn their MSN up to a year faster than by first pursuing their BSN—you can go from an ADN to your MSN in less than three years! And, you’ll learn one-on-one from dedicated educators who are also skilled and experienced nursing professionals.

Dr. Judith McLeod, Dean of the School of Nursing, gives a short overview of CalSouthern’s MSN degree program.

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