MSN | Master of Science in Nursing

MSN Outcomes

The CalSouthern School of Nursing has designed the Master of Science in Nursing program to produce the following outcomes:

Written Communication

Demonstrate the ability to utilize advanced written skills to demonstrate the ability to analyze and solve problems resulting in the improved care and better understanding when working with the patients, family and the interdisciplinary health care team.

Oral Communication

Exhibit competence in providing appropriate oral communication skills to successfully interact with patients, families and the healthcare team in order to provide quality patient-centered care.

Critical Thinking

Apply critical thinking and reasoning skills based on theoretical and evidence based information for clinical decision making in nursing practice, education and administration.

Cultural and Social Understanding

Recognize the importance of social, environmental and cultural diversity to develop a perspective based on the advanced analysis of diverse factors that influence personal, familial and global health care.

Information Literacy

Analyze the nature and extent of the information required and methods to acquire and utilize such information to support research and evidence-based nursing practices when managing care across the healthcare continuum.

Personal Development

Integrate formal academic learning with personal experiences to promote professional growth, theoretical and evidence based care and lifelong learning in professional nursing practice.

Quantitative Reasoning

Demonstrate the ability to use analytical skills to understand and evaluate systems during more advanced practice as a foundation for evidence-based healthcare.

Scientific Reasoning

Demonstrate a system of inquiry that is dependent on empirical evidence to evaluate qualitative and quantitative research as a foundation for evidence-based nursing practices.

Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues

Apply ethical, legal and personal principles and accountability for actions that promotes advocacy, collaboration, and leadership as a masters prepared nurse

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