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Kirsteen Moore, PsyD

Clinical Counselor
North Saanich, BC
Doctor of Psychology, ’11

My CalSouthern Experience

The traditional brick-and-mortar setting, with professors that haven’t worked with clients in decades, would not have been a good fit for me. I wanted to learn from people who were in the field, doing the work in the trenches.

At CalSouthern, my faculty mentors were doing great work. They were writing books or developing inventive processes for working with people in the field. I was very impressed with my mentors and they provided me with many of my favorite memories and best experiences at CalSouthern.


Professional Summary

Kirsteen Moore currently works for the British Columbia Provincial Government in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Dr. Moore works exclusively on the High Risk Team for Child and Youth Mental Health, serving children and youth who are experiencing suicidal ideation. She has a passion for working with this specific population, and has provided many workshops and academic presentations on this topic. In addition, Dr. Moore has trained therapists, social workers, foster parents and nurses regarding how to best establish rapport with youth and assess for risk of suicide.

Dr. Moore has helped develop community protocols, written articles and chaired the regional suicide prevention committee, all in an effort to serve and protect youth at risk. She first obtained a bachelor’s degree in early childhood care and education before deciding to pursue a counselling-oriented degree in child and youth care. She then obtained her master’s in counseling psychology and, ultimately, her PsyD from CalSouthern in 2011.

Dr. Moore has been a registered clinical counselor since 2000, and is currently in the process of applying for registration with the College of Psychologists.


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