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Gregory Mabry, PsyD

Behavioral Health Officer, US Army
Clarksville, TN
Doctor of Psychology, ’12

My CalSouthern Experience

Before enrolling, I had heard that instructors at online universities were often unresponsive. But at CalSouthern, I found my faculty mentors to be even more responsive than the professors in my prior degree programs—and these were at traditional, campus-based schools. My CalSouthern faculty mentors were really invested in their students and ready to reach out and help them. Also, the flexibility CalSouthern provides is great for military learners, whose schedules can always change at a moment’s notice.

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Professional Summary

Dr. Greg Mabry is a Behavioral Health Officer with a combat aviation brigade at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. He has been a licensed clinical social worker since February 2013. He practices in the area of clinical social work, but is also interested in online gaming addiction as well as social psychology.

Dr. Mabry serves as an advisor to the Brigade Surgeon and Brigade Commander for all soldier mental health issues. In addition to advising commanders on behavioral health issues, he supervises, trains and mentors enlisted behavioral health specialists. Dr. Mabry ensures that the commander's intent regarding mental health resiliency is completed throughout the training, deployment and re-deployment cycles. Some of his daily tasks and duties include the diagnostic evaluation of high-risk soldiers and the development of treatment and safety plans to eliminate suicide. Greg has been a guest lecturer at several professional conferences and conventions, educating attendees about behavioral disorders in the military community.

Before earning his Doctor of Psychology from California Southern University, Dr. Mabry received a Bachelor of Science from Austin Peay State University, where he majored in sociology. He earned a Master of Arts from Webster University, where he majored in information technology management. He also holds a Master of Social Work from Fayetteville State University.

Dr. Mabry lives in Clarksville, Tennessee with his wife and daughter and is a devoted advocate for service members earning degrees in higher education, utilizing their military educational benefits.


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