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The faculty mentors in CalSouthern’s School of Behavioral Sciences are skilled and experienced clinicians as well as dedicated, responsive and highly credentialed educators.

They will be there for you—via phone, email or Skype—to answer any questions you may have and to help you master the course material. And, equally important, they will help you take the concepts you learn and apply them to resolve challenges commonly faced in clinical practice today.

CalSouthern’s faculty mentors are positive, encouraging and supportive—and entirely dedicated to your academic and professional success.


Wendy Nickerson, PsyD

Faculty Mentor, Behavioral Sciences

Areas of Interest and Expertise
Personal and organizational health and wellness, pain management, stress management, emotional awareness and expression, health coaching, developing strategies for college success

Through years of personal experience and a decade of discussing intrapersonal and interpersonal difficulties with clients in Canada and the United States, Dr. Nickerson understands the detrimental effects of a depleted self-image, detachment from self, lack of empowerment, and overwhelming stress. She has developed innovative strategies for achieving personal mastery, success, and improved productivity for both individuals and corporations.

Dr. Nickerson has had a long-standing interest and expertise in the processes of both life mastery through personal development, and with maintaining work environments that feed the soul and excite employee participation. Dr. Nickerson's interventions are designed to enhance and promote a sense of empowerment, motivation, a core sense of identity and purpose, authenticity, self-image, and emotional and spiritual well-being. The goal of her individual coaching sessions and seminars is to provide participants with the insight, skills, and knowledge necessary to self-actualize and bring their dreams and goals to fruition.

Dr. Nickerson has authored the book Wild Women Never Get the Blues! How to Tap into Your Intuition to Create Your Best Life, hosts the radio show Dr. Wendy's Coaching Corner, and is founder and president of Atlantic Coaching Enterprises.

Dr. Nickerson is passionate about physical, emotional, and spiritual fitness and well-being. She enjoys being in nature, spending time on the ocean, being around animals, and breathing clean air. She loves mountain hiking, biking, sailing, yoga and meditation, and traveling.

Educational Background

PsyD Clinical Psychology, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne; MS Psychology and BS Psychology, Acadia University, Canada

Courses Taught
  • PSY 86512 - Group Psychology
  • PSY 87503 - History and Systems of Psychology
  • PSY 87519 - Psychology of Trauma
  • PSY 87521 - Organizational Psychology
  • PSY 87522 - Consulting in Business, Education & Mental Health
  • PSY 87524 - Cognition, Emotion and Motivation
  • PSY 87527 - Psychology of Stress & Stress Related Disorders
  • PSY 87545 - Interpersonal Neurobiology and Attachment
  • PSY 87561 - Interpersonal Conflict in the Workplace
  • PSY 87707 - The Psychology of the Mind I: Mind-Body Connection
  • PSY 87708 - The Psychology of the Mind II: Mind-Body Connection


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